June 8 th at 8 pm
Alaska or Bust!

members share their stories and adventures about prospecting in Alaska. 

Coming up soon!

MAY 11 th at 8 pm

see several of the top names in action! Gold Hog Multi Sluice, Gold Cube and Martin Prospecting.

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Everything comes from something and that something is the Earth. Introducing children to prospecting and rock hounding offers an interesting, educational  platform to teach them about minerals, natural resources, conservation and much, much more.  
The things around us that aren't grown, are usually mined and it all began with discovery through prospecting.  Imagine the discoveries you can make with your child while exploring the great outdoors, right in your own neighborhood.

Community Functions

Inspire learning!

Find the Central Maryland GPAA booth at your next festival, fair or community gathering.  We often participate in local events where we set up our "hands on" gold panning station for the kids and adults alike.  With local, historical photos, location information and displays of real Maryland Gold, we help to educate the general public about the age old joys of prospecting the mineral resources right under their feet.  If you haven't seen our booth at an event near you, suggest it!

Educational Outreach

Free Gold friday!!!

Everyone attending a monthly meeting has the opportunity of leaving with a nice picker!

Did you know there is GOLD and other minerals in the creeks of Maryland?

Come out to one of our local events, a group dig, an overnight outing or attend a meeting and join the Central Maryland Chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America as we explore Maryland's little known gold history and search for the lustrous yellow metal.

Atlantic Coast Gem and Mineral Expo at the Howard County Fairgrounds

Sept. 22nd and 23rd

Central MD GPAA Officers

Volunteers needed, contact an officer

President               Scott Sprague
Vice President      Chuck Thompson
Secretary              open
Treasurer             Bruce Custer
July 13 th at 8 pm
Maryland Gold History

Join us for a peak into the history of Maryland Gold Mining!